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Here are 10 proven ways to begin experimenting with setting healthier boundaries with technology and limiting some of the distractive features of your devices and social networks. Some may suit you better than others. This is an invitation to experiment.

Though these are simple tactics that can help reduce distraction and set some boundaries, cultivating a healthy relationship to technology isn't as simple as changing some settings on your phone, limiting screen time, implementing parental controls, doing a detox, or installing mindfulness apps.

A healthy relationship with technology begins with knowing what kind of life you want to live and being purposeful about how you invest your time and attention today, tomorrow, next week, and beyond. It begins with knowing your needs, values, and aspirations. And recognizing what you're using technology to distract yourself from, and doing the work to resolve the underlying cause of your desire to be distracted.

With a strong sense of your own inner compass, you'll be able to easily employ technology in service of the life you want to live. These tips? They're just the beginning. Ready to do the deeper work? Let's schedule a call.

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