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© 2019 Purposeful Digital Wellbeing by Giancarlo Pitocco


Purposeful is a digital wellness expertise led by Giancarlo Pitocco. Leveraging his experience studying the relationship of people and technology at companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Apple, he’s on a mission to liberate our creative intelligence from distractive technology and be our best selves.

We develop and facilitate inspiring talks, workshops, and interactive training programs designed to cultivate the genius, focus, & well-being of K-12 teachers, parents, and businesses in the age of distraction.

We raise awareness and offer education on the health effects of Silicon Valley's "growth at all costs" mindset, and empower teachers, parents, and leaders to cultivate healthy relationships to technology in service of their values, needs, and aspirations.


Giancarlo is transforming our relationships to technology by cultivating connection to our values, needs, aspirations, and each other.

Giancarlo Pitocco is a speaker, facilitator, and social impact entrepreneur focused on solutions to the public health crisis left in the wake of Silicon Valley’s “growth at all costs” mindset.


Tapping into over 15 years of experience studying the influence of technology on our psychology, Giancarlo designs workshops that help leaders, educators, and communities transform their relationships to technology to align to their needs, aspirations, and well-being.


Based in New York City, Giancarlo left a career working for Facebook, Instagram, Apple and the world’s largest ad agencies to found Purposeful. Purposeful is a digital well-being practice with a mission to liberate our creative intelligence from distractive technology. 


We have allowed the distractive powers of technology to hijack our most precious life resources: time and attention.

This has led to an epidemic of anxiety and distraction that stifles our ability to do deep work, cultivate meaningful con-nections, and achieve work/life balance.

When we reframe our re-lationship with technology based on our values, needs, and aspirations, we achieve radical trans-formation in all areas of work and life.

Teams, schools, and families can unleash their genius, their joy, their potential for doing their best work, and start feeling like they’re truly thriving in the digital age.


Tune into my appearance on

Harvard Business Review presents FOMO Sapiens

YOU ARE THE PRODUCT: Giancarlo Pitocco and the Attention Economy. Hosted by Patrick McGinnis, who coined the term FOMO (fear of missing out). In this episode: Giancarlo Pitocco left a career working for Facebook, Instagram, Apple and the world’s largest ad agencies to fight back against the mental health, productivity, and creativity crisis caused by the attention economy and its agent: habit-forming technology. He founded Purposeful, a well-being practice teaching educators, companies, communities, and individuals to renegotiate their relationships with the attention economy.


Experts like him agree that the first step to acting with purpose, rather than compulsion, is to take stock of just how much time our tech takes from us without our consent. Begin tracking what you’re doing with your screen time and take a critical look at where that time goes. Did you choose to spend three hours scrolling through your feed? Or did it just… happen?




Interactive workshops that create meaningful shifts in your relationship with tech.


Specialized coaching for families and adults who are ready to take ownership over their wellbeing in the digital age.



Inspiring talks that help you see your relationship to tech in a new light.


A training series that combines insights with real-world practice to create lasting changes in your habits.

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