Purposeful @ The World Economic Forum

We were honored to be invited to share some insights at the World Economic Forum for DQ Institute's “Raising Good Zoomers” event.

It was a gathering of leaders across academic, civil society, start-up and nonprofit domains to discuss how we can collaborate to help Gen Z (and their parents) put technology in service of their needs, values and aspirations.

Giancarlo Pitocco @ World Economic Forum

Our Founder, CEO, Giancarlo Pitocco took the stage to share insights from his experience working on the front lines with parents, teachers, and business leaders to identify and overcome the hurdles to living in balance with distractive technology.

Giancarlo focused on the five urgent areas we must address in our own lives in order to protect ourselves from distractive and manipulative technology/media:

  1. Reclaim The Power of Your Attention

  2. Navigate By Your Values

  3. Honor Your Boundaries

  4. Cultivate High-Quality Leisure Time

  5. Make Time for Solitude

Purposeful has also been tapped by the World Economic Forum & DQ Institute to bring its digital wellbeing curriculum to the teams at their NYC headquarters this year.

The DQ Institute (DQI) is an international think-tank that is dedicated to setting global standards for digital intelligence education, outreach, and policies.

Watch an excerpt here:

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